Room by Room Breakdown to Prepare for Photos

Preparing for photos can feel overwhelming!  We have some tips to help prepare each room below.  Main thing to focus on if you have limited time - do all light fixtures have working lights? Can you make time do a quick clean to declutter the room and wipe clean countertops on the day of the photos?  Can you hide garbage cans from each room in a closet for the day?  Maybe you declutter the countertops in the kitchen but hiding things in the sink and oven - that's ok as long as you remember to pull it out before using the oven!  Properties photograph best when there is lots of light coming in the windows, all lights are turned on, and the property is clean and tidy.  Number 1 Tip of what to avoid: looking like you don't have adequate storage because everything you own is on the countertops of the kitchen and bathroom.


  • All overhead lights, cabinet lights, and appliances have working bulbs
  • Put away countertop appliances such as the coffee maker, toaster, etc (if they are normally out, hide them for the photos)
  • Remove soaps and sponges (or place them in the sink laying flat - they won't show in the photos this way)
  • Remove magnets and photos from the fridge
  • Put away paper towels
  • Remove or neatly fold hand towels
  • Remove highchairs & booster seats
  • Remove garbage & recycling cans
  • Tidy open storage/open shelving spaces by stacking what you can, declutter where appropriate, and wipe down any exposed surfaces.  Try to arrange the shelving like you would see in a store you are shopping at

Living Room

  • All overhead lights & lamps have working bulbs
  • All lamps are plugged in
  • Remove remotes, reading glasses, TV directory away
  • Organize and tidy movie collection
  • Put away video games, consoles, and controllers
  • Put away all kids toys and pet toys/pet beds
  • Remove any extra or unnecessary furniture, keep blankets on display to a minimum, you can have 1 or 2 out with your throw pillows, put the rest away


  • Make sure the bed is made
  • All overhead lights & lamps have working bulbs
  • All lamps are plugged in
  • Remove remotes, reading glasses, lotion, kleenex boxes
  • Put away all laundry, slippers, shoes and robes
  • Put away all fans, air purifiers & humidifies
  • Pick up toys in the kid's rooms
  • Remove or hide garbage can


  • Remove all shampoo, soaps and bath products (if you have a tub you can lay everything flat on the bottom of the tub for the photos)
  • Neatly fold and hang up all towels
  • Take soaps and lotions off of the countertops
  • Put away toothbrushes, makeup and beauty products, kleenex box from the countertop
  • Put a roll of toilet paper on the holder if it's empty
  • Remove plungers, toilet brushes etc
  • Remove bathrobe
  • Remove floor mats if you have nice tiled floors to show off
  • Put away scale 


  • All overhead lights and lamps have working bulbs and lamps are plugged in
  • Put away stacks of paper
  • Remove clutter from the desk
  • Remove garbage cans/shredders
  • Straighten Books & misc items on shelves


  • Ensure all overhead lights have working bulbs
  • Coats & shoes put away


  • Cars out of the driveway
  • Close all doors & windows
  • Garbage/Recycling bins put away
  • Hoses reeled up and put away
  • Sprinklers and gardening tools put away
  • Sweep deck/patio
  • Make sure all outside lights have working light bulbs
  • Driveway & sidewalks are shoveled/swept
  • Lawn mowed and tidied