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Wow! What a year it has been. As the weather continues to get colder, the market is slowing down. However, it’s because of lack of inventory! The Twin Cities remains low at 2.3 months of supply, about 50% of what it takes to supply a market of buyers. This is down from a 2017 high of only 2.7 months of supply, so the shortage has been ongoing, creating a bit of a squeeze.

As a result, sellers are getting roughly 6.5% more $/sq ft than last year, and average days on market is down 14% to last year. The amount of homes for sale has dropped 16% to last year - we need your help!

In fact, depending on the market, we likely don’t need to take the time to list your home and do a ton of showings, we can market it offline, gather interest, and ideally

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Homebuyers and sellers in Minnesota are quickly learning all about radon. From seeing radon information when reviewing a sellers disclosure to buyers being asked if they would like a radon test when calling to schedule a home inspection, radon continues to be a topic with questions. 

So what is Radon?

Radon is a gas produced by natural breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and water.

Why is Radon a concern?

Scientists estimate there are 15,000 to 22,000 lung cancer deaths in the U.S. each year that are linked to high radon exposure.

How do you test your home for radon?

Radon tests can be done by most home inspectors, they have calibrated machines that are placed in the basement, or lowest level of the home for 48 hours. Homeowners can also

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While sellers expect that buyers are going to have an inspection, most sellers do not expect an intrusive inspection. In fact, if you want to do anything like this you need the sellers’ permission to do so by writing the purchase agreement for an intrusive inspection.

What is Intrusive?  Anything requiring your inspector to drill or cut into the exterior, removing a section of drywall, removing any attached fixtures, or anything of that sort.

Why would you want to ask for an intrusive inspection, wouldn't most sellers just say no?  The main reason we see intrusive inspections in the Minneapolis area is for stucco exterior homes, where in this case sellers typically expect the buyer to want to test the stucco for moisture. 

When are Intrusive

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For all of our single-family owners, with a yard to mind to – Roost is here for you with a list we have compiled of easy to grow, low maintenance ideas to freshen up your curb appeal.  Whether you are preparing to sell, or plan to stay, a well maintained yard will welcome you and your guests to your home.

Pick Low Maintenance Plants 

Add a pop of color with some easy to grow and maintain plants.

Easy Shrubs:

  • Spirea
  • Juniper
  • Hydrangeas
  • Dogwood
  • Ninebark

Easy Perennials:

  • Daylilies
  • Phlox
  • Black-eyed Susan
  • Coneflower
  • Hosta
  • Bee Balm 

 Add some Edging

Invest in quality edging that will last – choose rigid and tough fiberglass, aluminum or steel.  Tips to install the edging include

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    When buying or selling real estate you may want to consult your financial planner, mortgage lender, insurance agent, and tax professional to help you decide how much to spend on your next property, or what the impact of the sale of your current property will be.   Buying: If you can set up a savings plan for a larger downpayment you may save in Mortgage Insurance - ask your lender what impact this will have on your monthly payment- and then weigh the pros and cons of waiting until you have 20% or more to put down.   Consult with your lender to decide the maximum mortgage payment you can comfortably afford each month, and then work backwards to figure out the top purchase price of your next home.   Consider disability…
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Nothing is worse than when an appliance you routinely count on fizzles out and stops working!  If you have found yourself having dishwasher problems, check out this great guide from CNET on how to install (or uninstall) your dishwasher!  Use the link at the bottom for all photos!


  • Chris Monroe/CNET

    Check out our full guide to both installing and uninstalling your dishwasher. Step 1 for both processes: Make sure you have the right tools before you start. how-to-dishwasher-3

  •   Chris Monroe/CNET

    Disconnect power

    Before installing your dishwasher, unpack it from the box it came in. For both, disconnect the power before you start messing with any wires

  • Remove the kick plate


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When you are preparing to sell your home your to-do list can quickly become overwhelming, and feel expensive!  Here are a few last minute and easy items to quickly address before having photos taken and officially listing your property for sale.  Sometimes it’s the smaller details that make a huge impact! 

Visually Expand the Space 

Remove or hide extra furniture that may not be needed, such as ottomans, side tables, and pet kennels.   Have extra baskets or storage tucked into the corners of your living room or bedroom?  Move them out of the space for photos and showings to expose as much of the floor as possible.  Open all window treatments and turn all of the lights on to make rooms feel open and airy.

Freshen the Air 

Open the windows if

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So you’ve decided it’s time; whether you're tired of being beholden to landlords or are ready to vacate your parent's basement, you have decided to buy a house. Congratulations! Roost knows that taking this step in life can be hard and sometimes a little unnerving. That’s why our friendly team is here to help you through every step of the exciting process of buying a new house in Minneapolis or beyond.

The first steps to buying a house might surprise you as they don’t include the actual house you are going to purchase. Before you hit the streets and start attending open houses, there is quite a bit of work that needs to be done and questions that need to be answered. But don’t worry, Roost will help you get to the fun stuff, like open houses,

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 Roost is happy to call Minnesota home. Here in Minnesota, we have thousands of lakes, four distinct seasons, and an almost unlimited supply of cheese. What more could one ask for? Unfortunately, with all of our beautiful seasons come some pretty severe storms. And not just any storms: Everything might be bigger in Texas, but storms are mightier in Minnesota.

Photo credit: Pinterest-Laura Kahlstorf

In spring, summer, and fall, Minnesotans should look out for:
  • Powerful Winds

  • Tornadoes

  • Hail

  • Severe Heat

  • Lightning

  • Flooding

The Minnesota tornado season can last from March through November according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The earliest a tornado has ever touched

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The real estate market is still HOT HOT HOT!


Listings are selling in record time. Do you have a real estate company working on your behalf to find properties before they hit the market, or to get you into properties as soon as humanly possible? If you are looking for help starting your home buying search reach out to Roost Real Estate

Local Market stats (updated by the MN Association of Realtors through April 2017)

TWIN CITIES OVERALL MARKET STATISTICS: · Average sales price of a twin cities home for the year is at $281,291 which is up 7.0% over last year · The number of closed sales in April was 4,709; which is down 10% compared to April of last year. Year to date closed sales are down 1.2% · Avg % of List Price received is…
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